Projects for Donations

Basic Care Packs

Give to people from all backgrounds, races & ethnicities who need desperate basic health and education care. With help in healthcare, we can prevent unnecessary crime, panic, conflict and theft.

Focus Areas of Imbeko

Disease Prevention + Treatment

Water + Sanitation

Maternal + Child Health

Peace + Conflict Prevention/Resolution

Basic Care Pack

Hand sanitizer Hand wash Soap Gloves Masks Chest Rub


Toiletries COVID-19 Care Pack

Deodorant Toothpaste Toothbrush Family wipes Headache pills Facecloth Body lotion Soap


New Mom COVID-19 Care Pack

Facecloth Baby powder Baby oil Soap Body cream Earbuds Baby wipes


Stationery Care Pack

Calculator, Ruler, Pencil, Crayons, Lined notebook, Wax crayons, Pencil sharpener, Glue stick, White out pen, Notebook, Crisps, Coloring book


Bottled Water

A case of bottled water – 10 bottled waters for underprivileged communities in the township


Food Pack for a family of 5 in the township of South Africa

A basic food pack that can feed a family of 5, including various vegetables, for a month


Help Blind + Partially Sighted Children, Adults, Senior Citizens

Sponsor items which make a positive impact at a school for the blind and partially sighted.

Literacy + Basic Education

Independence Pack

Money stick, signature guide, talking watch, white cane with attachable roller ball tip, 2 packs of bump dots, liquid level indicator, 1 pair earphones, 20/20 pen


Early Development Toddler Pack

Sensory and tactile book or toy, play mat, box of nappies, parent care box, Snuggle Buddy talking and interactive teddy bear


Beginner Braille Pack

Sensational Braille Alphabet Book, Braille doll, Toy Braille numbers, Braille Buzz Bee, Braille animal puzzle, Orbit Reader 20 Plus


Employment + Tertiary Education Readiness Pack

Digital recorder, talking compass, talking calculator, wifi capabilities, digital document and book reader, text to speech, PC software, laptop, laptop bag


Perkins Brailler

Top of the range Braille machine


White Cane

For toddlers, children, teenagers or adults


Help The Environment

Clean the polluted rivers in rural areas of South Africa, install boreholes in selected locations and provide water tanks and pumps so villages can remain healthy and we can provide drinking water to prevent disease.

Disease Prevention + Treatment

Water + Sanitation

Supporting The Environment


8 hours clean up of a polluted area such as a valley or river in Gqeberha


Water Tank

2500L Water Tank + Installation. With South Africa facing droughts and a frequently unstable water infrastructure, purchasing a water tank has many advantages. Your purchase of this item will ensure it gets set up in an area that needs it most in South Africa. The jojo tank and booster pump is only for household use.


Borehole + Filter system in an impoverished community

We oversee the installation of a borehole + filtration system. Bore hole water needs more filtering to reduce the iron content for consumption.  It is idea for large communities + villages.


Help Children in Need

Donate items needed for kids from disadvantaged backgrounds, including abusive homes and townships. Money will be allocated to orphanages, families and organisations most in need.

Economic + Community Development

Literacy + Basic Education

Toys for Playtime

For children at a school in the township for the year


School Uniform

For one child at a school in the township for the year including tunic and shoes


Remedial Math Box for a student in the township

For a student for the year at a school in the township


Sponsor a Pupil

For a year at a school in the township (including tracksuit, stationery, school transport)


Sports Uniform for a Student

This includes sponsoring a top and pants for a learner at a school in the township of South Africa for a year


Uniforms for 2 Soccer Teams for the year

Uniforms for soccer teams at an underprivileged school in a township of South Africa (including sports uniforms and balls for 22 players)


Computer Tablets for 20 Pupils in Grades 4-7

For online learning as COVID education continues


Improve The Community

Help poor communities make their surroundings better by giving them what they need to build new homes, new lifestyles, create jobs and earn money. Brickyards provide job employment and a way to build homes for families at affordable prices.

Economic + Community Development

Peace + Conflict Prevention/Resolution

Cement + Aggregate

Sand and Fine Grit





DIY Machine

DIY hand-mould machine for a brickyard


Spade and Bucket

For use in a brickyard



For areas with no access to electricity that need to operate machinery


Help Fire Victims

Donate towards the building materials needed to rebuild a shack after destruction by fire in townships across South Africa. Give money for soup kitchens and clothing to feed and dress the victims.

Economic + Community Development

Peace + Conflict Prevention/Resolution

Veggie Hamper

For an unemployed woman and her children in the township for a week (2 kgs potatoes, 1kg onions, 1kg carrots, 2 kgs sweet potatoes, 2 medium butternuts, 2 bunches of spinach)


Soup Kitchen Ingredients

For 3 soup kitchens a week to feed around 400 fire victims


Building Materials

To rebuild a home


Metal Roof Sheeting

Metal Roof Sheeting for ten houses in the township


Support The Film Crews Who Capture Their Stories on Camera

Help us spread the word about these important plights and causes! Capturing the stories on camera is fundamental to Imbeko’s fundraising efforts. Raising the awareness – either through photos or videos – means Imbeko needs the best teams + equipment to send out on location.

Economic + Community Development

20 High Res Photographs

To promote needy causes for our website and fundraising campaigns



For 1 hour collecting basic footage of a venue that needs help, which we can use to promote Imbeko’s mission


Completed Campaign Video

With recipients speaking into camera about their background, cause and donations they need Helps us with: – Printing Release Forms – Shot list creation / Storyboarding – Licensing Music – Videography  – Editing – Scriptwriting / Copywriting – Voice Narration  – Studio Time – Camera and equipment hire


Help Restore Lost South African Films From the 70s and 80s

Sadly, many films were banned under the Apartheid government in South Africa. This was because they had Black Actors, Crew and/or Directors and Producers. Your money will go towards restoring one of these old films so they are accessible again. #BLM #RacialJustice

Economic Development + Community Upliftment

Film Restoration

Preparing the celluloid film in a film lab, visual inspection, physical repair, chemical and ultrasonic cleaning, scanning, digital reparation, audio restoration, sub-titling, coloring, mastering.


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