Heatherbank Drama Hall

Heatherbank Pre & Primary School educates children primarily located in Walmer/Gqebera Township.  The parents of these children are required to make some financial contribution. They receive regular feedback and are mentored regarding their parental responsibilities.  By making an early intervention (age 4-6) at the pre-school, and then following through with a quality primary education, theContinue reading “Heatherbank Drama Hall”

Heatherbank Pre & Primary School

Heatherbank is a pre & primary school that needed ablution facilities for their learners. Thanks to generous donors, they received the money they needed to build them. Imbeko is here to facilitate more empowering connections like this. More about Heatherbank Heatherbank started in 2012 with 34 kids from Walmer Township. It is located in NelsonContinue reading “Heatherbank Pre & Primary School”