Heatherbank Pre & Primary School

Heatherbank is a pre & primary school that needed ablution facilities for their learners. Thanks to generous donors, they received the money they needed to build them.

Imbeko is here to facilitate more empowering connections like this.

More about Heatherbank

  • Heatherbank started in 2012 with 34 kids from Walmer Township.
  • It is located in Nelson Mandela Bay in South Africa.
  • They now have 160 students from age 3-age 12.

Why We Blog

  • We are blogging publicly about our success stories so caring donors and potential donors can follow the chain of their donation.
  • We blog about stories that showcase the variety and scope of how far a simple donation can go.
  • We want to connect with all kinds of users.
  • We hope to accomplish a large community of givers and followers who care about helping and can share our stories with others.

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